Friday, January 17, 2014

Monster of a new poem

Good news: an acceptance today from Long Poem Magazine. The poem lives up to the magazine’s title. I worked on this long poem for a long time. I am grateful for the editors’ generosity of imagination in considering such a long and avant-quirky poem.

I haven’t had new published poems to announce lately, because I was working on such a long poem, and because I’m working on more long poems (though they might end up shorter), and because I had a lot of things accepted so that I didn’t have as much to send out, and yes, because other commitments kept me from writing or finishing poems or submitting them to journals as much as I wanted to. That may be changing now. Stay tuned.

This new poem is a monster. It’s due out in May. If you haven’t seen Long Poem Magazine, check it out. Try buying a copy. They don’t put much online, but it’s worth buying, and they make it easy to buy online. Most journals can’t support long poems, but long poems deserve our support. And so does a magazine dedicated to long poems.